Rabu, 15 September 2010

ENUM can link to global virtual telephone DID numbers now

Dear eSkyzers,
How are you?
You can use your airtime balance to buy any telephone numbers around the world. All virtual telephone numbers will be routed to your ENUM and you can answer calls for FREE through your ENUM web-dialer or softphone.
You can also set it forwarding to your mobile wherever you are. Imagine you can receive a calls from US that call to your US DID and it will route to your ENUM. You can answer it on your PC or mobile.
eSky already have the virtual telephone number network in 59 countries and 8900 global city available. More and more countries and city will be added into our database soon.
Cheers! Enjoy Calling globally with eSky!
Best Regards,
Jonathan Leong

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